should halo 5 go back?

I think that Halo 5 needs to go back to the way it was before overtime released. All these changes are absolute trash, the new glitches are completely ruining the game for me, and it ruins how I want to increase my poor skill level as I did way better before. I am seeing a lot of hate from other people as well, so I just wanted to see what opinions other people have on this update.

You should check this thread. That’s where most of the hate/opinions are concentrated.

I completely agree with the OP.

The weapon sandbox should TOTALLY, and entirely, revert back to “Pre-Weapons Tuning”. Everything was excellent before this trash-heap update. More of a downgrade to basically everything which was altered, on all accounts.

Feel free to use the pinned discussion thread for weapon tuning if you have any constructive feedback to offer.