Should halo 4 make some new enemies or keep the old ones

I think they should make forunners the enemie or the sentiles or make a new enemie never seen before like an inteligent life form that only defended them selves so when master chief lands, he desrtoys some city and they declare war and they made a device that can make any weapon they want just by thinking it.

well, they cant have covie or flood. they all got wiped out on the halo in h3

maybe a flood thing got in the ship with master chief and when they get there they are going to find the new species and the infection starts again but instead of the gravemind controling all of the flood maybe they all do watever they want

i geuss if you put it that way. but dont you think they would have noticed

yeah but remember that master chief went into cryo sleep and cortana cant move.

new enemys pls

> yeah but remember that master chief went into cryo sleep and cortana cant move.

yeah but the flood would have found them. then cortana would wake chief (because in h3 he says wake me if you need me) chief would kill it and go back to cryo sleep

but what if the flood thing stayed hidden and cortana never saw him.

flood are dumb without gravemind telling them what to do. it would just wander out

maybe he does wonders around the whole place and never came across the cryo sleep thing because as you said they are dumb and when the ship crashes it gets out

how big do you think the ship is. the cryo storage is like 5/7 of it. remember. it got cut so its only half the size of a normal ship

maybe it kept going in circules.

also if you paid attention to the teaser, the ship was falling apart. even if a flood mirraculosly managed to not get spotted, it would get killed in the destruction of the ship

New enemies, it’s the start of a new trilogy, and I’m excited to see what 343i can whip up.