Should forge have an undo button?

Do you think that forge should have an undo button?


ideally Forge could plug into my brain so my ideas would look better when finished

OR a rewind button like the theater mode so you could undo/redo as needed

I think it would be more than appropriate to have an “undo” button in Forge, I cannot state how many times I’ve accidentally unlocked all of my objects.

I would imagine it to be within the “Special Tools” menu, along with a Redo button.

Sure- But only as long as it’s mapped to a button for easy access and only affects the player’s objects. I’d hate to spend five minutes going through a menu only to find out I just undid my friend’s movement of a block by half a centimeter rather than me accidentally deleting my entire base.

Just yes.

Yes, it would be a great feature, but I can see how it could be difficult to implement in a multiplayer scenario.