Should Firefight be brought back?

I’m just curious to see if/ how many people who actually want Firefight to return as a Free download Dlc or a Payed Dlc or even be brought back at all. What is the opinion of the community?


Halo 4 had spartan ops but that was restricted to gold. It aint broke… but instead of trying to fix it they removed pve only all together. They say warzone is for pve, but the problem is that there are enemy spartans, and that too must be played on gold. Cmon now.

Firefight = Yes. I need it back!

a pve warzone will be good. I dont think they need to bring firefight back. But i wouldnt mind matchmaking for the campaign. With campaign req packs or daily rewards or some incentive to play the campaign more than once.

Yes. Of course.

I have said it before but I would love for it to be in another Halo spin off game like with locke for example.

Warzone + Firefight = Godsend

I would love Firefight with co-op ability and no I don’t mean spartan ops. I legitimately want the Halo Reach firefight. It was the perfect way to warm up before matches and I loved the challenge it brought round after round. I still love playing gruntpocalypse on legendary on Halo Reach. I can’t play it on the xbox one though because it looks and feels terrible through the emulator.

Firefight >>>>> warzone pve. They need to give up on warzone.

My opinion is: meh

i spent a lot of time in firefight on reach but I could certainly live without it.

oh and I could definitely live without Spartan ops. That was rubbish even when it wasn’t jumpy as -Yoink- in co op

yes, yes yes…idc even if its paid, ill pay for it


Firefight or something to replace firefight.

Nah. I’d rather 343 put their energy into bringing back Grifball.

I wouldn’t play it, honestly. But I can’t speak for others.

I enjoyed firefight in ODST and Reach way more than I enjoyed Spartan Ops. Who knows though, it was Bungie, not 343i who introduced Firefight.

Only if they actually let me fight fire.

would like to see firefight back,

YES!!! Please bring back some form of PVE back to Halo!!!