Should Equipment Return As Well?

They might be pointless now, with the introduction of AAs POSSIBLY returning, but would you want them back?

I do, I want Bubble Shield, and radar jammer to return. The others are pointless and don’t offer much else. :confused:

Do you want them to return? If so, which?

Yes! Bring back my Trip Mines and Flare !

Jet pack should be the only AA to return, and it should return as a pick-up on the map. Camo and overshield should make their valiant comeback

idk, this might be a bit of a stretch, but i think the AA’s and equipment might fuse somehow? like youd pick up a bubble shield, then maybe a booster or whatever. we will have to see, but

Yes. Equipment added a really nice level of unpredictability to multiplayer. Who didn’t love whipping out a lift and sending a Warthog flying? Or a well timed Bubble shield deployment?