Should Dual-Wielding [Ever] Return?

By the looks of what we just saw, it doesn’t look like dual wielding is making a return, an unfortunate misstep for archaic, die-hard fans of Halo 2 and Halo 3. And for specific reason. Halo 2 and Halo 3 had a campy type of feel where it was so close quarters, guns blazing (unless you had a beam or snipe; BR was more mid-range). It seems like 343 is taking this game into a more tactical shooter with a fair amount of precision on ADS scoping and gameplay based on shooting from a distance, similar to Halo 4. It also looks like reticules are smaller than previous installments and movement seems to be geared towards a sci-fi version of Battlefield.

However, I wouldn’t be opposed to DW making a return (wishful thinking, homies). You can argue that it’s an old gameplay mechanic and one that upset weapon balance, but didn’t dual wielding a plethora of weapons just “feel” awesome in Halo? Didn’t it make sense that a super soldier would be able to pull some John Woo stunts?

Couldn’t it be a load-out? Sacrifice any type of mobility for superior small arms firepower? Just my two cents on a suggestion that is plausible [but will never happen]. However, you people, you who love and cherish different parts of Halo, you who make up the fan base: Do you think dual wielding would have been a welcome return to the series, especially amidst all of the newer developments in gameplay mechanics?

I loved dual-wielding when they had it. It wasn’t too overpowered. As long as dual-wielding swords never get implemented, haha.

^oh you know youve been wanting to do that since that halo 3 vidoc bungie made showing a elite doing that.^

Id love for it to return but how to make it not unbalance everything is the problem.