Should credits return?

Credits were used to purchase things from the armory in Halo Reach.

Personally, needing to reach a certain rank and still need to buy it was completely unneeded. But of course this my opinion.

It keeps players playing and doesn’t affect gameplay? Sounds good.

I’d rather have credits be used to buy certain armor than used as a ranking system. It differentiates skill from time spent playing. But I still prefer earning armor through achievements and other tasks.

The credit system was good, as was the armor variants that it complimented. Ranking, however, should not go side-by-side with them. My problem was that it took FOREVER to get a piece of armor you wanted because it was made for higher ranks. I don’t necessarily have a problem with it, but it would also be nice if you have an armory already unlocked, but had to earn the credits to buy whatever you wanted. If 343 brings back custom loadouts, which I hope they don’t, this same system would also work a lot better. Even better would be to include weapons and armor in the same credit system!

Yes as long as it doesn’t affect ranking.

Honestly I liked Reach’s system. Would have played a a lot more if I wasn’t trying to pass university at the time.

It gave me incentive to keep playing and rewarded armor without having to do awkward tasks like getting a ton of kills with weaspons I don’t care about.

I think we’ll see microtransactions, where sets of armor or effects are paid for in 99 cent increments.