Should/Could The Commando Become The Main Starting Weapon across the game?

With the recent vocalized disliking of the Assault Rifle and the Game obviously not wanting to go full Battle Rifle starts, seeing as 343i restricted it to rank, would making the Commando the primary starting rifle be beneficial?

Hear me out…ahaha

  1. Ranked is too zone heavy for many because we start only with the BR which is so dominate at a distance.
    it keeps us pivoting back and fourth between these zones…not saying right or wrong.

  2. Social is too run and gun feeling for many Halo fans as it promotes much faster movement and gameplay. …not saying right or wrong.

Could the Commando being a semi auto solve this issue?

Assault Rifle is Full Auto and dominates at close range…
The Commando is Semi Auto and could be made to dominate the mid range…
The Battle Rifle is Burst Firing and dominates the long range…

Would making the game start players with a semi auto/med range gun, solve the issue of everyone starting with the Assault rifle that leads to too much run and gun
making it a “sweatfest” by making the whole game Battle Rifle starts which is too restrictive?

This seems like it would be more balanced and lead to more types of styles of play by making the game a med zoned gameplay style and maintain “the feel” of the game by not making the game full auto rifle dominated…


And this is obviously if The Commando got the necessary adjustments needed(if the devs/majority believe it needs them).


I imaged a game of swat but with the Commando lol think it be more fun than the laser beam that is the BR.

(Sssshhh the BR is perfect dont you dare tweak the BR 343)

But swat with the Commando would be hilarious


I’ll truly not touch any mode that has a Commando starter. If it has a pistol? Sure but not using the commando


I’d rather have the Pistol Honestly over the Commando. With or without the Assault Rifle…

Battle Rifle if something else…

From my own observation on the forums, playing with online players, and seeing what’s used in MM, the Commando has to be one of the least enjoyable weapons. Meanwhile in contrast, BTB players stand next to the BR spawn til it’s back up.

So my sentiment is, No it shouldn’t and hopefully couldn’t

The Commando isn’t a popular weapon, and due to recoil its skill level to control for casual players is too high.

The current Ranked playlist is basically just HCS settings (plus Behemoth)

One of the ideas I heard from a pro, was that they could have different starting weapons each season (like one year at most) this way the meta changes a decent bit over time and it means that fans of whatever starting weapon (BR, DMR, Commando, Magnum) could still get what they want for a period of time.

Halo is one of those weird series where the main starting weapon changes constantly, I think Halo should embrace its alternate starting weapons as a feature not a curse.

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have it be a starting weapon in ranked
and it along with the sidekick be starting weapons in casual
given the… wonky role of the commando, i could see it as a middle ground between the AR and BR. rather than the sidekick and BR

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What do you mean?
The AR has always been the starting weapon, except in Halo 2.
In MLG modes, the BR has been the starting weapon, mostly.

The commando, at least for me is just awful. Yeah you can catch people off guard and punish them at mid range sometimes but honestly I find the gun very inconsistent. I would like to see it buffed or changed to be a little better before it becomes a starting weapon.

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I wonder if it would help for them to decrease the recoil slightly.


But thanks for responding…but the question should have been phrased better to indicate that the commando would be adjusted for balance as the primary.

Same. I believe it would be interesting…
I also liked this idea here from…

I like this concept as well.
AR starts, Commando starts and BR starts would lead to true variety and testing of the weapons

That’s fair.
I would say they would need to remove most of the recoil and decrease its damage, but then you are basically left with something similar to the Sidekick with more zoom. In my opinion, the Sidekick (or Pistol alternative) should have more zoom anyway, so instead, we could rebalance the Pistol for a starting weapon. :man_shrugging:

From my experience (ie with Bungie), weapons don’t get these kind of updates. However, it could be possible 343i has some ideas out there for new weapons, so maybe a weapon is added to the sandbox similar to the DMR or a new Pistol.

The Commando is full auto as well, it just has a slow fire rate, but that’s just me being a gun nut IRL and is beside the point. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I think Commando starts in BTB would be the best compromise for that mode. It would give players a weapon that can fight back in ranged gunfights, while also making it more difficult to hit shots at those ranges compared to the BR.

As for social, as someone that hates getting killed by the AR because it’s such an easy weapon that takes no skill to kill with, and someone that swaps it out asap out of pride (:triumph: rant over), I don’t know if making the Commando the starting weapon there would be best, because it is social it’s suppose to appeal to every skill level, even the lowly AR noobs. The Commando is one of the harder weapons to use, especially since it got nerfed to 8 shots to kill.

For ranked I wouldn’t mind switching it up a bit from the BR to Commando, it would be interesting to see how it changes up the gameflow if at all.

I might be alone here, but I think commando starts would feel really similar to Reach gameplay. It’s essentially just a DMR that can go full auto (kinda like the CE pistol can be tap fired or full auto fired).

I think Commando starts shouldn’t be put in as the main mode, but I would absolutely love if game mode variants with that setup are put into the rotation.

Like instead of the slayer playlist only having AR/Sidekick starts, I’d prefer this playlist had more variety with a veto system…

  1. Slayer - current.

  2. Slayer Pro - This would essentially be the ranked slayer setup in the social list, but radar and nade hitmarkers stay. BR start only.

  3. Commando slayer - default slayer but with Commando/Sidekick starts

  4. Slayer Legacy - default slayer, Striker Sidekick/AR starts. This mode would play sort of like CE with the striker sidekick being a 3 shot kill.

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This was my thinking as well.

ahaha no worries, not sure why I missed that but thanks for the correction.

No just based off the name ahahahaha
sorry but the elitism of the BR and old school halo fans is just embarrassing. It isn’t elite.
This is basically just the lancer/Hammerburst from gears.
sorry…it is technically a meaningless thing to many but I personally just can’t stand it.
I don’t want a ton of playlist honestly.

Fyi, Slayer Pro is a name that’s been used for a “more hardcore” version of slayer in a ton of different Halo titles in the past. I think it was actually a game type going back to CE.

And I’d just like to point out that with the proposed playlist setup the BR starts would only be 1/4 gametype’s in the playlist :grinning:. Far far from previous titles where every playlist was essentially BR (or the games equivalent) starts

i am sorry i just don’t care about this reasoning.
Not even against what you are saying but the justification for everything can’t just be…it’s Halo.