Should be able to swap weapons / grenades with number keys

On PC every FPS is consistent with how you switch weapons, press numbers 1-n or scroll. Not so in Halo, both Infinite and the MCC. In MCC it annoyed me but I forgave it because it’s a port of old games and that’s just how weapon swapping has always worked in Halo. Halo infinite is new however, and I would like to see control schemes that line up with (literally every other) game in the genre.

I’d like to see an option to change weapon toggle / grenade cycle to directly assignable mappings such as:
[1] Select Weapon 1
[2] Select Weapon 2
[3] Select Grenade 1
[4] Select Grenade 2


  • stops messing with our muscle memory
  • when carrying a flag / core / skull it would allow you to swap to the weapon you need in 1 button instead of swapping off the item and then again to your correct weapon
  • provides assurances to the player that what they request is what they get. In the heat of the moment people may spam press a button or forget which grenade is currently the one they have selected resulting in them bringing out / using the wrong thing. directly assignable keys provide a sort of failsafe here