Should Armor Lock Return?

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I made a thread dedicated to discussing this a few days ago, and it was rejected without much hesitation by many. But I felt like making an unbiased and open-minded poll for some finality to the discussion. Cast your votes.


It should return with unlimited use :open_mouth:

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i support this post.

btw here’s my visual response, just to make sure everyone gets what i’m trying to say…

Just no.

Dear OP
( •_•)
Yours Sincerely, CorruptKnight7

Pretty sure this was just trolling, and not a serious question/poll… It has to be…

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> Pretty sure this was just trolling, and not a serious question/poll… It has to be…

It’s light-hearted but it isn’t a troll. You should go look at the actual Armor Lock thread

This is a heavily flawed poll.

First, what’s the difference between “Yes, as an altered ability.” and “Yes, by itself.” Kind of goes without saying that it’s going to be by itself even if altered.
Second, “Yes, as all abilities should.” Why are you bringing other abilities into this, this is about armor lock?
Third, why three different-but-not-really-different No options?
Fourth, you should never attach irrelevant opinions to an option, or otherwise dissuade people from picking an option. “No, because it mentally abused me” just makes anyone who picks No look silly.

Here’s what it should look like.

“Should armor lock or a re-balanced version of it return?”
-Yes, as an default ability.
-Yes, as a map pickup.
-Only in custom games.


Why should it?

Armor Locke :grin:

Why does this keep coming up? There is no way whatsoever it should ever come back. EVER. PERIOD.

I still go to the therapist every Tuesday in order to fix the problems armor lock caused in my life.


What a biased poll. No thanks.

I’d rather have bubble shield

You already had another thread about this… and it pretty much gave you the answer.

Wanting armor lock back is bad, and you should feel bad.

Hell no