Should An Infection Game Mode Be Added To Halo 5?

I was just wondering but I’m not sure if it would be a good idea to add an infection gamemode to Halo 5. My personal opinion would be that it would be a great idea because it was a popular gamemode on other halo games such as reach and many people Favorited it. But I want to know what you think, would it be a good idea? I am new to this community and wanted to get my idea out there. Thanks for reading this!

I think it would of been a good idea, I loved playing with friends in custom games and custom maps in halo 4, maybe when forge comes out they will add it with it…??
I dunno, let us pray.

Infection was never my favorite gamemode to play, but I would welcome it simply because I am already tired of Slayer.

I would love to see some CTF or assault, but really I would welcome any new game type.

Um HELL YEAH it’s a good idea. What a no brainer. It was easily one of the best gamemodes in Reach, and while 4 kinda dropped the ball on it, it was still fun. The more gamemodes we can get the better.

Of course. Though, I’m worried how it’ll play with spartan abilities.

Of course it’s a good idea. I’m tired of the sweaty competitive matches, I want a casual mode.

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> Of course. Though, I’m worried how it’ll play with spartan abilities.

Agreed. Shouldn’t be too hard to disable spartan abilities for it though.

You say that like Infection really shouldn’t be a mandatory game mode like King of the Hill, Oddball and Assault.

Yes it could be great !