Should a temporary matchmaking ban include the custom game browser?

This issue has irked me for a long time.

If I disconnect from a game for any reason and it results in a temporary ban, why can’t you play in the custom game browser?

Is there an actual reason from 343, or is is strictly because its a matchmaking ban and the CGB is considered “matchmaking”?

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I didn’t know this was a thing. But no, I don’t agree with it. For what ever reason you earned the matchmaking ban, this should not carry over to CGB. Let the host of the game decide if you are worthy of being there.


No it shouldn’t carry over to CGB nor firefight.


Probably not, but what would be cool is if it could be a setting for whoever is hosting the game and then have some sort of icon that shows players which games has quit bans on or off. Probably be tough to make work but would be a cool feature.

Interesting idea.

Worst part is it doesnt even tell the user that this is why they cant join custom game browser sessions. It just kicks them after the game/map loads.

No. I think Social, Competitive, and Firefight should carry separate bans. No bans for campaign or custom games. Ever. If the host of a campaign or custom game wants to kick them for whatever reason that’s their prerogative but bans shouldn’t stop you from playing custom games at all.

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