Should 343i do something special for LASO winners?

I was thinking, perhaps 343 can do a flaming floating skull with flame for anyone who beats Halo 5 SLASO (Solo Legendary All Skulls On) mode.

or perhaps have an all skin loadout of a pile of skulls, facing towards the muzzle of the gun with a sill frame orange flame that glow and pulse slowly.

Or simply just have a armor that makes the head go on fire like the classic Halo 3 way.

Any thoughts?

Being able to see a super dank meme made by Frankie himself is reward in itself.

If players complete all missions on LASO, reward the players with the LASO Req Packs.

If you complete the campaign on SLASO you should get a pack called the “Mythical Spartan” Req pack where you get ALL mythic reqs/certs that were in the game at launch and ONLY the ones at launch so you still have to unlock the newer mythics.