Should 343i bring back 1-50

Does anyone think 1-50 from halo 2 should be remade?

thread = fail 1-50 = fail

> thread = fail 1-50 = fail

Thank you for contributing to my thread, your post is very helpfull.

> when will people understand that bringing back the 1-50 system won’t fix anything?
> what i think should be done in halo 4 is to tie skill rank in with the main overall rank or do a double rank system.
> on one side, you have a rank you can reach by just playing to game casually and on the other side you can choose to play the competitive playlists to unlock better ranks that could possible have better aesthetic rewards, say cooler looking armour, different weapon skins and such.
> because there is more of a reward from playing the competitive playlists then social, the more casual crowd will be pulled in to the competitive playlists and turning them in to more competitive players.
> or you could do it how halo 3 did but going back in time might not be helpful.

posted this in the halo 4 section but i think it applies here.