Should 343i be giving us updates on the engine?

Halo 5 is meant to be kept secretive, I know but would you guys appreciate monthly or occasional updates on how Halo 5 is doing from a technical aspect? I can’t see how it could spoil anything aside from how fluid the game can and will run.

I know Halo 3 had people bothered by the hit registration and spread. There were also some issues with the engine it ran on not being able to do certain things the creators wanted. 343i giving us an idea of how the engine, servers, and key technical aspects that will affect gameplay would be a cool experiment.

Overall, I think 343i can try giving the tidbits to players as to what Halo 5 will be like when in the real world as opposed to their development environment.

I wouldn’t mind updates simply because they were fairly tight lipped from a technical standpoint on MCC and that was a technical train wreck. At least telling us bugs or stuff they are fixing in a joking way like the bungie weekly updates did would be a step up.

Closer to release, sure tell us about bugs and tech.

No point right now, they’re still building the game; that needs done before focusing on bug crunching and optimising.