Should 343i add Arena to Halo 4?

The Arena was a great addition to Reach! I think it’d be awesome if they brought it back in Halo 4, who agrees? :slight_smile:


Just… NO.

Arena was an aborted version of Ranked.

Bring back Ranked and we’ll be all set. Arena was a poorly implemented version that should have been scrapped on the drawing board.

How would that help that competitive community when they hated on the Arena from Reach

I fail to see the reasoning here. I had no qualms at all about the Arena and didn’t know there was so much hate. Please explain :slight_smile:

> I fail to see the reasoning here. I had no qualms at all about the Arena and didn’t know there was so much hate. Please explain :slight_smile:

It’s not 1-50 from Halo 3 (or Halo 2). Despite that system being flawed in so many ways they still blindly stand by it.

I will admit that the Arena system in Halo: Reach was not perfect but it was a step in the right direction.

Arena was terrible,terrible,terrible,terrible

Your rank was resetted every season always, nothing mattered in the end and teamwork wasnt required, just the one with the most kills got a good rating.

It was terrible

If done right, Arena can be a lot better than the 1-50. Reach did it completly wrong and thus it failed.

I don’t care either way. Just give me an option ot have a fair and balanced match and I shall be fine.

First - put in an MLG, so the 50’s/Onyxes/BPR=100’s of the world can go beat up on each other.

THEN - have a competitive place where “Average” players can compete with other Average players…

I would rather have Arena than have NOTHING.

It’s too late though for this addition, or anything similar.

Arena was a nice attempt, but like most things “new” in Reach it was implemented poorly. If, and that is a huge if, the problems with Arena could get sorted out, the playlist population remained stable enough for proper pairings, proper competitive maps were added to H4 and things were balanced then I’d have no problems with Arena returning.

I wasn’t meaning having Arena as a replacement for 1–50 we should get a proper 1-50 system as well. But I meant as it’s own playlist, Arena, or something like it, would be great to have in H4.

Those that really liked the idea of Arena were upset because the emphasis seemed to be on K/D rather than W/L. It got changed, but it was too late.

The rest resented the fact that their Arena rank would reset, and it was not shown globally. Being 1% Onyx was your little secret, and in a short while it was gone.

Arena would work if the emphasis was always about winning and not who got the most kills, and if there was a way to acknowledge your past accomplishments while still making it necessary for you to confirm your skill level by maintaining it.

For example, If you had a 50 in Halo 3 that could mean just about anything, and I tended to think that any 50 I encountered was fake, something that was hard to dispute, especially because I was NOT a 50 and what the -Yoink are you doing in MY game?

Now with Arena ranks, one could see that you are now, say, Gold, and then look in your service record and see that you have placed Onyx for the past 5 seasons. You would have my unquestioned respect.

It’s still technically not a “skill” based rank, but if you have to earn it occasionally it clearly has more impact.

No, 1-50 ranked was much better. I mean come on 343 (and bungie with reach). People liked the ranked and social lists, they just hated the boosters and derankers. It should not be that hard get rid of them…we have seen good suggestions on how to do it by the community for years now ever since the beginnings of H3.

The biggest mistake 343 is making is not having it in b4 xmas when tons of new people will get the game.

The Arena in Reach didn’t work, but combing ideas from both Arena and 1-50, it’d be a great ranking system.

1-50 ranks that have seasons, so earning it is one thing, keeping it is another.

If you travel in a full party, your rank is dictated by W/L. If you do not have a full party, your rank is dictated by K/D.