Should 343 split slayer and objective game modes into seperate playlists?

I love slayer. I also love objective game modes like oddball or CTF. However, I’m not a fan of both being in the same playlist/rotate for these reasons:

  • Some people just don’t like objective game modes and will play them like it’s slayer (ignoring the objective and throwing the game for those of us actually trying to win).
  • While I like objective game modes, they can get really sweaty/competitive, and sometimes I just wanna relax and play something casual and simple like slayer. Both offer different experiences/tones and it can be frustrating bouncing between the two.
  • Those of us who need challenges for a certain game type (like CTF of Slayer) have to wait till our mode is randomly selected between the 4ish modes. Separating slayer from the others would increase the likelihood you’ll get your mode.

I understand 343 is busy, but I feel just giving slayer in arena & BTB its own playlist would not only be a simple fix but one that would massively improve the player base’s morale toward the game.

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Short answer: yes
Long answer: yeeeeeeeeees

There isn’t really an excuse to just pile every mode into one playlist considering that there are challenges that exist for certain modes and it only promotes players leaving games to find the mode they need for such challenges.

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This is something they will do in time. They were nice enough to drop the multiplayer early for the anniversary. They consider it to be the multiplayer “beta”. I suspect on 12/8, 343 will split the. Game modes and even add several others (swat, elimination, etc).

What I fear is that they won’t split stockpile, total control and slayer in the big team playlist. I think they might keep those in a compiled, but I hope I’m wrong.

I know it’s hard to wait. But I’m confident this is temporary.

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Bring back Team Skirmish!!

Halo 2 & 3 kids will know.

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Of course there’s a reason. There’s more people so they offer less playlist choice. It makes complete sense obviously :exploding_head:

Je dis qu’il devrait a lepoque dhalo 3 on pouvait choisir de jouer du 4vs 4 assasin 4 vs 4 objectif . BTB assasin BTB objectif. Et c’était mieux car quand on tombe sur des partie objective ou les gens ne joue pas l’objectif c’est énervant. Et au passage le mode classé et juste terrible .

Agree there needs to be a slayer specific play list, and it would be good to have the ability to downvote maps / game modes - really don’t like single flag on launch site or stockpile on any map.

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They definitely should have already separated playlists. It’s not a Beta anymore if you’re selling us content. A beta is to test gameplay, bugs, and game modes, not to sell armor, unlocks, and other micro transaction boosts.

Modern gaming is so frustrating. It’s not difficult to ask for small things like playlists when it’s Halo. The expectation has been set for years: just look at all the older games. That’s the bar. Halo Infinite’s gameplay is solid, but all the logistical parts of the game are poorly implemented. We need playlists and an effective progression system.

For progression, for example, you could have a baseline Halo Infinite MK VII progression system based on credits like Reach, and then have other armor sets be in the Battle Pass. You appeal to the casual player and the hardcore Halo Fans. That’s just one solution of many you could haggle out.

For content, we just need separate playlists and choice. I don’t want to play the same game mode 5 times in a row. I’d like to choose what I play. I’d like to have commendations and see my stats. I want to have progression of my Spartan, not just a Battle Pass.