Should 343 simply ask what the "community" wants?

Well just to start, I personally don’t believe that the Waypoint Forums are enough to express the current Halo community. I propose that 343 accumulates a list of the community’s wants through a time span of a month or two from the forums and possibly YouTube videos for Halo 5: Guardians. Once the list is collected via media sources, 343 can add a poll to the Master Chief Collection. It asks a series of questions and we can answer the poll questions. It would provide 343 a direct answer and make it easier to improve H5:G. Thoughts?

Like they would do that though…

The things the community hates most about the game like sprint won’t be going away anyways. 343 doesn’t care. People are already pre-ordering the game, they’ve pretty much made their money back as it is. They don’t need to please their fans since they buy the game before it’s even out.

343 has pride as a studio. It would be a little too simplistic for them to do that.

If they demonstrated a basic understanding of what Halo as a game represented in the FPS genre, then they wouldn’t have to crawl back to the community to ask for direction all the time. Bungie didn’t do that 1-3 and while some people didn’t like the changes from one game to the other, the game’s principles and identity was never truly compromised. An example would be in Halo CE the pistol was the main weapon and in Halo 2 it became the BR. Some people didn’t like the change, but at least the core gameplay was still built around the same principles.