should 343 make a Race championship?

hey guys. i had noticed today that race is on Halo 4. I love race and i would like to say thank you to 343 for bringing this into Halo 4. now, i know everyone likes race, so why not make a championship to see who is the best Racer in Halo 4!

i know this may not go in, but it’s just a suggestion on what they could do with Race.

thanks for reading, and if you think this is a good idea, do whatever you can to get 343’s attention on this post.

~XxPredatorz01xX (Racing to CSR 50)

I think there’s a lot they have to deal with before going this route.

Even so I am enjoying this playlist as well and hope they are on the road to making it permanent.

Please send your interest here: Race Feedback

I like the idea. Maybe create a playlist for a race championship. People with 1 one top 3 finish play others with one top 3 finish. Until you get guys with 7 top 3’s all playing each other, the more you win the better the competition gets. If you fail to finish in the top 3 three times you can no longer play the playlist, you’re out. Whoever gets the most top 3’s wins.

I got my 50 in the race playlist a few days ago and I beat others with their 50’s. I’d like to see how I actually stack up against everyone.

I wish there was a lap timer too. Maybe 343 can find out who is the fastest by finding out who won in the shortest game of race ever played. The time it takes to finish a game is recorded right?

Sounds like a good idea, but honestly, I would like to fix all of the other issues with Halo 4 before such a frivolous addition like that.

That would be an awesome idea to have. Not to mention the intensity of it. However, like ThunderCavalar said, it would be better off to fix the remaining issues then perhaps work on a Race Championship.

> Please send your interest here: Race Feedback

I want to include what he said as well. I think it would be an easier place where 343 could perhaps gather some ideas from what you said.