should 343 eliminate respawning?

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343 is going to be facing a challenge and a lot of competition. They need to do everything they can to make halo 5 a great and memorable game. One of the things I personally think would bring a new edge to gameplay is to get rid of the respawn system. Let’s face it, respawning is something everybody takes for gtanted, so we really do not fear in-game deaths. This allows lots of people to be reckless with their actions.

But if you guys got rid of respawning, people would think twice before running into the open battlefield. People would be forced to work out strategies and tactics. Firefights would be so much more intense because there is much more at stake, your adrenaline would be coursing through your body.

Now when I say get rid of respawning, I don’t mean just one life per round. I mean when you get killed, you are out of the game for 24 hours.

So you want games to end after four kills?

I wouldn’t mind something like this for a custom game. But as a default option, absolutely not. The point of Halo is that it’s a game. It doesn’t need to be so realistic that it makes you pull your hair out. If every game became the adrenaline-rush you described, either my heart will wear out or I just get really annoyed when I get killed by my teammate, knowing I’ll just have to sit their, watching the game happen. This doesn’t seem to add anything outside of a hindrance. Plus, 343 took out the ability to pick up grenades, and that was met with out-lash. 343 can’t take risks anymore, specifically when those risks impact the game like your suggesting.

So kinda what we’ve been able to do since Halo 1?

An elimination gametype, sure!

The one game per 24 hours system you mention? What’s wrong with you?

1 death every 24 hours?

This sort of gameplay is interesting and CAN be fun. Search and Destroy in Cod made players more tactical, and I remember creeating a map and gametype similar to this sort of gameplay.

The only downside to this sort of gameplay is, When people camp/AFK, the game drags for those already dead. or if you get killed too early on (ie within the first 5 seconds) -whether it is a perfectly good kill or you weren’t IMMEDIATELY ready , or something stupid happens like a random explosion kills you, the game is a drag.

The game needs to be made interesting either by:

  1. Speeding things up. Done through a 2 minute timer per round. 5 rounds in total. Maps need to be designed for this gameplay in mind.

  2. Rounds happen as waves. If you die, you wait until the next wave. This could be every 2 minutes, but if you survive, the game does not stop for you or get reset. The only down side to this one is if one team is dominating the other and will lead to constant spawn-killing. Solution: If one team wipes out the other, THEN the game gets reset and a new round begins.

I also think that teams should be 6v6 as opposed to the classic 4v4. When players get picked off, either side you are on, the map becomes quiet and the game slows down. I think that 6v6 will keep the game populated enough to keep the game from becoming boring without diluting the experience too much.

I was thinking that when you get killed, you don’t spectate. You are immediately ejected from multiplayer.

> I was thinking that when you get killed, you don’t spectate. You are immediately ejected from multiplayer.

And you can’t join another game for a day?

> > I was thinking that when you get killed, you don’t spectate. You are immediately ejected from multiplayer.
> And you can’t join another game for a day?



While, yes, it would certainly make games more intense… but with that it’ll be 300% more frustrating when something stupid happens.

Accidental kills or glitches happen. If you get a 24 hour penalty for dying, then glitches and betrayals will make everyone leave.
Also, it will just encourage people to camp and not help their team. That means taking the risk of dying, and if that’s the only risk you get for 24 hours… they wo’t take it.

Another thing is that, what happens in that 24 hour period? Do people play some campaign? Nope. They go to a different game. And the more often it happens, it becomes less likely that they’ll even come back.

A specific, elimination style gametype would be great for adding some emphasis on teamwork and intensity, but a 24 hour kill penalty will kill the game’s multiplayer completely.