Should 343 continue to support Infinite or make a new game?

  • Continue to support Infinite
  • Make a new game
  • Unsure

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Infinite’s currently in a rough spot to say the least. The lack of content (2 maps and a few modes aren’t much), the insane microtransactions in the store, lack of forge, restrained customization, and other issues have caused many fans to grow frustrated and question the future of the game, and possibly the franchise. 343 have shown a roadmap for the rest of season 2 and season 3, which does look to be adding content such as forge and other modes and new maps, and other features. However, some are wondering if it’s too little too late for Infinite. Some are wondering if it’s a better idea for MS and 343 to cut their losses and drop Infinite’s whole 10-year life, and develop a new game entirely. Which is the better option?


they should support infinite, the game has good foundations just is having some major teething problems.


I’m going to let you in on a little secret…I haven’t played Infinite in 2 days now… & I feel GREAT!! Just saying… it’s like quitting smoking, you know your going to go back to it… you just enjoy the sights & smells while your absent from it. Just sayin😉

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Well when you flat out lie about your 10 year history with the title and with the community to attempt to make take a dig at them, you kinda set the nails in place on your topic’s coffin yourself to be pounded in by the ban hammer.

You’ve been talking about quitting Halo for 10 years my guy, it was your very first post here, at this point it’s just a call for help. You can do this, just take the step towards a happier life and walk away from all this.


Support Infinite, ensure that it gets content of course and receives priority development, but there should be a future title in the works. Halo Infinite isn’t going to last 10 years, at least not in the public eye.


What reason is there to make a new game? Start over from 0 to have the same problems now?


…and just like I said say anything…anything contrary to how great 343 is as a company and how amazing Halo Infinite is and poof there goes your comment. Cheers fellas!

Honestly, for fear of dipping into the sunk cost fallacy, I think they should keep supporting it. They put all these resources into it, and as others have, the core game is good. Just all the stuff around it needs improvement.

They really should continue to support it. But may need a priority shift internally in some capacity to really make it work.

Overwatch was another title that was allegedly very difficult to work with due to the code, but was at least able to be reworked over the last 6 years in various positive and progressive (in the sense of moving the gameplay forward) ways with shifts within internal company dynamics. With the most recent shift and Microsoft’s initial moves to acquire, we’re also seeing a dramatic escalation in quality for the release of Overwatch 2 when it had been reportedly on the backburner since it’s announcement.

With continued support dedicated along the right pathways, Infinite could really shine. And I’m certain most of us would rather seen it succeed for the right reasons than to see it fail for the wrong ones.

As far as Infinite is concerned, it needs all the help it can get. If say half the team were to stop now to focus on some new Halo Game, I think that would make things worse of everything and everyone involved.

As a side note, I feel like MCC is getting less attention than it should. The last content drop for MCC was a little over two months ago. I think most people were quite happy with that update, especially when it came to things like Flood Firefight and mod support for ODST.

I would very much like to hear from the Legacy team about future plans for Mod Support for Reach, 4, H2A, etc., the integration of steam workshop, and just about anything else. After all, we were supposed to get two more seasons worth of content after Season 8 but that never panned out.

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Where is none of the above?

I’m not saying this to use as bait, it’s just 343 has shown 4 major things that effects a game and it’s literally why the game Imo is in a poor state.

#1 they are not a complete studio that has full time employees. This is a major problem when it comes to designing a game not having that much needed manpower.

  1. The game is being handled more like a business then a company designing a game for it’s player base. Profit becomes way more important than creating quality content. Hints the Shop/BP/F2p that the entire game was based around.

  2. The one that annoys me the most of all. Being constant working with what works for a game to keep a game moving forward while improving things as time moves on. 343 has failed to do that.

  3. Following through with their own words. 343 has a bad habit of saying one thing and then turn around and do something different.

The one thing I pay the most attention to is their actions, because actions speak a hell of a lot louder than words.

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Hopefully they can pull a No Man’s Sky and the game can come back to life. All I know is the population is so low now you rarely get an all english speaking game anymore. It’s crazy!

You absolutely nailed it. Bungie had an passion for making the best game possible and they did. 343 especially under their current leadership care about one thing…money.

As a player I don’t see passion or love for the game so why should I?

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They should support Infinite. Making a new game is a no win situation for 343.

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343 should stick to Infinite, because why not…but a new developer should begin making a new game. Microsoft should let the Halo IP be worked on by someone else.

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Especially with this so-call “live service”.

The only title I’ve been able to deal with is MMC. It’s going on a year, and with how this beta is heading and how bad it’s lacking in just about every aspect of it with all the issues it has. I just can’t play the beta at all.

I was hoping forge world would have been released to at least give me something I might enjoy about the game, but I don’t ever think that is even going to turn out well with how they have handled things up to this point. But, I’ll wait and see what happens because that is all I can do.

Mean while I’ll be playing other game until then. Speaking of other games, I just downloaded the latest God Of War. It was a free download so I think I’ll check that out tonight.

I was about to post the exact same thing.


They should make a new game based on the movie Morbius, I think they could replicate a good masterpiece in a game.