Should 343 be accused of misinformation?

This is a decently small post as I don’t have all the information on hand to me at this very moment but there seems to be many cases of 343 just lying to the community or leading it on time after time. Due to this, should 343 be ran through the legal system for misleading it’s audience?

I’m not particularly educated on this subject matter, I’m just wandering what other people think.

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You have to be more specific.


If you really hate time and money then this would be a great little way for you to waste a ton of both.


uuuuhhhhhh yeah, they’ve been doing these sorts of things since H4…where you been?

Sure they’ve not been completely honest but not even close to the point of misinformation.

Unless you can identify a point in time where 343 Industries sold you a service and/or good in exchange for money that was not what they explicitly advertised (up to the time of purchase), then I have no idea why you’d bother.

The law works objectively, not subjectively. Unless you can prove that there was malicious intent, you don’t have a case.


did you actually read this?

Yes. 20 characters 20 characters.

Maybe not the best way to start an accusation?


please read this on what I previously said

Without actual specifics this isn’t going to go anywhere constructive