Shotty-snipes: Replace bulldog with grav hammer

Bulldog isn’t a bad weapon, but it isn’t a power weapon. In shotty-snipes, it has next to no advantage over the sniper rifle in close quarters- it’s usually easier to hit someone once with the sniper round and then melee than it is to get a perfect 3 shot kill with the bulldog. Because of this, and because there isn’t a power weapon shotgun, i think it’s fair to float the idea that it should have a gravity hammer, instead.

The gravity hammer would actually have an advantage over the sniper rifle in close quarters, since if you melee the grav hammer mid-swing it does a counter-attack and can kill you. The grav hammer has aoe and can hit multiple targets, making it a little closer to the power weapon shotgun than the bulldog currently is. The moment of windup allows snipers a single last ditch effort at close range to snipe them before they swing. And if they fail, the hammer probably kills them.

I feel like this is the fairest compromise. The current shotguns just don’t work well. The only other alternative i see working is to use the heatwave, but that’s basically all the same problems as the bulldog. What do you think?

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Disagree. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​


A lot of players don’t realize that the Bulldog is not a Power Weapon Tier shotgun like the ones in the previous games.
It is a Mid-Tier shotgun, which is why it is able to be picked up in standard Weapon Racks and not the Power Weapon Racks.

I just hope that when the M45E Pumpy Shotgun is added into the game once more, we will be able to have it be HITSCAN instead of Projectile based like the Bulldog.
If it is made Projectile based, then the weapon would be a dump-tier that takes up the power-weapon slot.

Bulldog and heatwave are a disgrace to shotguns.

Neither can 1 hit.

They put you at a disadvantage against an Ar… which is sad

The stronger bulldog variant would have made more sense.

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Yeah absolutely no way

that is because they are Mid-Tier like the Halo 3 maulers and not power-tier like the Scattershot or Classic Pumpy.

AR has range advantage.
Both of the Infinite Shotguns have a faster TTK than the AR when it comes to close-quarters engagements.

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Weird, cuz every time I use it in that playlist, I tend to do a whole lot better than those with the sniper. Being able to flank and outmaneuver them is nice.

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