Shotty Snipers and Triple Team

If you didn’t know, 343 removed both of these playlists because they didn’t have “a high enough population” to remain as a permanent playlist. So instead, they replace it with Assault.

I’m extremely pissed off about this honestly. First off, everyone I knew loved those playlists. Second, I get Assault more than any other gamemode in Team Skirmish. So why the -Yoink- is it it’s own playlist? I don’t know. Usually I like Halo 5 and what 343 does, but this is stupid.

I occasionally played super fiesta but besides that literally the only 2 game modes I played in social were those 2. Think its a load of BS about the population. They probably took them out because of people -Yoinking!- about those playlists still being “too sweaty”

I can see why they removed them. And assaults been asked for it’s own playlist a long time now.

But yeah, I’m upset about it too. I played triple team because Slayer in Arena is a crazy mad house.

I guess since they’re taking suggestions from the community, I’d really like to see a 5v5 playlist for social. Squad Slayer from Halo Reach. That was my most played playlist in Reach.

I’m not entirely sure what’s with the reasoning behind not having a social slayer playlist like Halo 3 and Reach did. I really would like to see these types of playlists in social.

Same goes for FFA.

There was Lone Wolves, and then there was Slayer FFA.

We just need a social team slayer playlist and a social FFA playlist.

There’s lots of threads in MM about this already that you can use.