Shotty cant counter swords anymore?

i have noticed the shotty is weak its not like the classic halos where a good timing shotty could counter sword. Maybe i need more practice with it

Unless the enemy has already taken damage I’m not even sure the Bulldog even one-hit kills at close range


Nothing really does anymore. I’ve been in multiple situations where I am shooting and get the shields down then smack them to kill them and because they have a sword it automatically gives them the kill even though my punch connected.


Yeah the mele registration is so bad at times

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IT can’t. Even point blank it’s a 2sk.


bulldog can 2 shot. but as it stands I have not managed to come close to a one shot. if you are fast and lucky, you can land a good meatshot with it and melee to trade with the sword, but the energy sword is pretty much a set deal once they dash.

I think the best way to describe it is the shotgun is no longer a power weapon.

It’s useless now, and with the radar the way it is now the swordman will be spawned behind you and about to shred you up before you can say ‘what the?’

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Swords are so obnoxious now. It’s like they tried to make this game as frustrating as possible


They specifically said they didn’t want the Bulldog to be a power weapon… there was a strong hint the classic shotgun would return in its traditional role in the sandbox in time


Id love to see it, more shotguns are never a bad thing.

Bulldog is 2 shots.
Weirder still is hammer vs sword… hammer is 2 swings against a sword clash.

The real counter to the Sword is the repulsor now.


Noticing that sword users seem invincible during the lunge.
You can kill them before but if they lunge at you it doesn’t seem to matter what you do.

I’ve had sword users lunge at me with no shields and I’ve both shot and melee them and they just walk right through it.

Also the Hammer and Sword clash with each other if times right. This happened to me yesterday while playing fiesta and I think we were both in shock at first because, we both just kind stood there for a second after it happened. The sword user then proceeded to kill me.

I’ve gotten quite a few Bulltrues, they aren’t invincible.

A melee isn’t going to work, the sword slice trumps a regular melee.

Came here to say the same thing. Repulsor goes “Boop!”

No you don’t need practice it’s just garbage.

Occasionally you can get the kill with melee, but rarely. I hope they fix that. If someone has the sword they already have the advantage. No need to give them additilnal protection from melee.

Maybe it’s just a lag/latency issue on my end then because I’ve had many Bulltrue medals on Halo 5 but rarely, if ever, get them in Infinite.

In general I find I have way more “what the F???” moments in Infinite than I did in 5 :man_shrugging:

Got a “bulltrue” medal with a no scope sniper yesterday haha! :sweat_smile:

Snipers are the new shotguns. Yeah, it’s a bit sad.

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