Shots and meles not registering!?!

Ive notcied since i started playing The master chief collection, it would take 3 meeles to kill an enemy and ive had issues where and enemy would take two hits from the sword. The enemys shield would go down from one hit with the sword and i would have to hit them again. Is anyone else experienceing the same issues?

Well this all depends on what game you are playing

Halo 2 and Halo 2 Anniversary sword and melee system are very different from other games like halo 3 and 4. You see in halo 2 the sword takes 2 swings up close but from a distance it takes one swing. The melee system in halo 2 classic is very weird and can be random, sometimes you wont get your melee off and sometimes you will but most of the time you actually do hit your melee but you do not notice it due to halo 2 melee system being different.

In halo 2 it takes 2 melees with a heavy weapon to kill someone with/without momentum (But rockets is one hit melee with momentum and 2 without it) But with just any regular weapon it takes 3 melees without momentum and 2 melees with momentum. So lets say if you jump or run at someone with your BR and melee twice then they will die but if you are standing still or barely moving it might take 3 hits to kill him.

As far as other games like Halo 1, 3 and 4. In halo 1 there is no lunge with melees and in halo 3 its pretty networkey and in halo 4 maybe the same thing.

If all this isnt the case then it may have to do with something with your connection and lagging and you might not notice it