Shotgun? D:

I saw the shotgun in the RvB video, but now it seems like there is none. Only the forerunner one. Does anybody know if the normal shotgun will still be in Halo 4? If not that will be disappointing to me.

Just because we haven’t seen it yet doesn’t mean we won’t at all. Just be patient.

Why does it seem that there isn’t one?

Well if its not i wont have to worry about it killing me Haha

There’s probably a lot of weapons we haven’t seen yet that will be in the game. Just be patient. Hopefully we’ll see a bunch of them on Friday in the MLG gameplay.

I’m pretty sure we’ll see the unsc shotty return.

They should add new abd preveous weapons like fuel rod and grav Ham

I guess i’ll have to be patient then. :smiley: