Shot Registration

I’m sure many of you already know that the shot registration in Halo 5 is sub-par. Lately, myself and other players I play with/against often, have noticed that it’s started to get worse than it has been. It’s to the point where the game is close to unplayable, imo. It’s extremely frustrating to play competitive games and be in a 1v1 and shoot blank shots. It’s not nearly as noticeable in casual games, mainly because the games aren’t as intense and the margin for error is much greater than onyx and champion level matches. Blank shots often decide who wins or loses games, along with server-based sensistivity changes, but that’s another problem altogether.

Is there any way to get this fixed? Personally, I’m shocked that this is still an issue in 2017. I didn’t have close to this many issues 10+ years ago, and that was in Halo 2.

Shot reg is best it’s ever been in a Halo game with H5… the real problem is latency/server connectivity.

The best place to report issues with shot registration/servers is in this thread:

Please read the OP and respond accordingly :slight_smile: