Shop is not good

seeing the items in the shop makes me immediately just filled with regret, crushed hopes, and frustration

the entire shop has been turned into a literal cash sink for people who want skins, don’t have control over how they act, and just makes apex’s annoying skin problem a joke because with that game you get quality over quantity but with this its just quantity, of things already done

Legit, make the reach armors FREE, and start making the in game purchases either unlockable with in game credits through playing or get rid of the LITERAL 20 BUCKS FOR JACK

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im sure they have somthign planned the feedback for that is kinda hard to avoid


nah the fact they are still rotating the shop is def not something planned to be fixed unless no one is for sure not buying it, also there is a literal piece in the shop that YOU NEED THE BATTLE PASS FOR to use