Shooting Through Walls Is Breaking This Game

No it is not lag, not my hardware and not a rare occurrence. When a pulse rifle shoots you through a wall twice you just start to see how fundamentally flawed the game is. This seriously needs to be addressed or the game will never be as perfect as it almost is. Please, if you address anything at all address this issue,


It’s not YOUR connection from your modem lagging, it’s the connection between your Client(game) and the Infinite Server lagging which is due to the Infinite servers being unstable. 343 needs to get back in to the office and start ironing out these server problems, they were the ones who decided to release a Live Service video game and not provide Live Service for it.

Didn’t 343 say that cosmetics and all that useless store crap was supposed to fuel the servers and all that nonsense they spewed a while ago? More empty promises.


I am glad these threads of mine don’t get filled with a bunch of fan boys blindly defending 343, and I don’t hate them or anything they have done a lot of good. Most of these issues are in every FPS game ever made. Just want this crap out.


yeah it’s funny i noticed that i got hit by a sniper when i was behind a wall almost as if the game thought i wasn’t behind a wall. AND IT HAPPENED TWICE!


If this was the first Halo game 343 released, I would be much more lenient on their mistakes.


This might be what’s happening. But the illusion of being shot through walls is something that’ll probably always be there. There will always be latency between the client and the server, so when a player gets “shot behind the wall,” it usually means they were dead (according to the server) before their client moved to the new location.

This would still be a problem even if Infinite was a boxed product.

Jesus Christ. Everyone on this forum is a carbon copy of each other.


The desync in Infinite is a major issue, I can’t go into numbers because I’m not that informed but it could definitely be the major source of problems here. Desync always happens in games because it will never be perfect, but with Infinite at the moment it is sporadic and unpredictable, and what I have been told is that means the server’s need maintenance to make things smoother…

Actually, I think you’re incorrect, if 343 didn’t focus so much on planning months of cosmetics and focused more on finishing their overall product, we probably would have a much better state of Infinite MP than what we have now.

I really don’t give a -Yoink!- what you think, but I guess I’m sorry you don’t share my opinion lol? An opinion that happens to also be shared by a large amount of other players too, I guess we all are just deaf, blind and dumb huh?


I’m not defending 343, but people really gotta stop thinking the crew that put together the store and the cosmetics are the same ones that put together the gameplay.

That’s just not how game design works.


But how come the only crew delivering completed work is the cosmetics team? Why was a Shop thrown into a Beta but hasn’t needed any updates at all, while other mechanics are still lacking that were also in that Beta?

It’s because cosmetics is the top priority in a Free To Play game. Look around at the other F2Ps… practically the same model, slightly modified to each game.

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That is true, but resources still had to be allocated to that, money was allocated to that, money spent on that team could have been utilized elsewhere.

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Very well could be. But even if they got everything perfect, people are still gonna get shot behind walls and die.

Do you think they just told the engineers who were working on multiplayer to just not do anything because a completely different team was working on cosmetics?

Having similar opinions is fine. It’s just that all y’all repeat the same obnoxious script that each of you keeps parroting from someone else.

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This is actually hilarious. You think the answer was to take money from other teams and throw it at the engineering team to make them… what? code better?


Could have hired more help, exactly. What is humorous there? Could have purchased more servers for better stability. Yes. These things take money, and obviously they were not prepared to launch yet.


It’s been happening to me too.

You think the engineering team was understaffed and when they asked for more heads, they were told “sorry, we spent all our money on cosmetics”? That’s not how budgeting works at all.

You have no idea what you’re talking about.

Mmm… Pretty sure it isn’t a problem with the number of servers. They scaled up just fine back when they had more players online. Doesn’t seem like it’s an issue of having not enough hardware.


I think the one that doesn’t know what they are talking about is the one making baseless claims. They had a budget, and obviously blew it since they were delayed so long. You think it is as easy as just calling Micosofr and saying, “Hey these guys don’t want to work for free so we need more money on top of the $600 million.” Now that is finally humorous.

Also pretty sure servers are still an issue since many people still suffer from these errors.

You literally suggested the engineering team was understaffed.

When the game got delayed by a year, what do you think happened?

Also, each team has its own budget. There isn’t some giant pool of cash that Microsoft gives them in the form of a lump sum.

An issue with the servers doesn’t mean that buying more hardware solves the problem. You can’t just buy a million servers if the issue is with the software.


Now this is real comedy! How ironic.


I never suggested that, the unfinished game did.

You just admitted you are wrong. Yes, each team has their own budget, that is exactly what I originally said when I was talking about resource allocation…

It is pretty universally agreed upon that it is a server issue. How would it be software, exactly?

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Learn the definition of irony before using it incorrectly, again.