Shooting out of the top of my head.

maybe some of you dont know this, but a lot of FPS games nowadays dont have bullets come out of the players gun, like you would expect, but instead they come out of the top of your head. im pretty sure this is in every halo game, and every call of duty game too. the ones im 100% sure of are halo reach, MW2, and cod black ops.

because of this you can barely peek over the top of something and shoot over it. this leads to abuse at higher levels of play. i remember playing a forged map by one of the MLG guys that i was helping test. in their map they had a ramp that lead to this top area with no cover. the ramp was on the backside of the map, so i could set myself up with ease to barely pop the tip of my head out to see JUST enough to shoot at them. because of this, i was able to not only out DMR THREE PEOPLE AT ONCE, they barely even weakened me forcing me to crouch maybe 3 times total during the encounter. using this spot i never died, and ended up getting an epic spree off of it. these spots are not only in forge maps, they are also in matchmaking too! a prime example of this is on pinnacle at the big tower, or the little tower. basically anywhere where there is a ramp with line of sight at the top of it, its possible to set yourself up for exploiting this.

this needs to go. its 2011 guys, lets get rid of this age long fail.

until this is removed from halo, try exploiting it. it works entirely too well. its basically impossible to have someone out shoot you when they can only see 2 pixels of the tip of your forehead while you can see their entire body.