Shoot while sprinting? Solution?

Lets be honest everyone. First impressions are overrated. People play a FPS game and they are entertained for a month before their mind starts wondering about the next game. Keep this in mind while evaluating Halo 5.

Halo 5 keeps some of the original mechanics that differentiated the series from every other FPS console game, but also adopted other mechanics in attempt to homogenize. Homogenization may create less of a culture shock initially, but it kills the longevity of a game since casuals can get a similar experience in the next game that is a media-hyped release.

Sprint in Halo 5 for whatever reason really breaks the core gameplay Halo was built on. Halo’s gunplay is based on steady aim and consistency rather than twitch spraying like in many other trendy shooter games. Guns-down sprinting works better in those kinds of games than Halo. As of now the gameplay in H5 will become too similar to other FPS games and this is what will kill the community’s longevity. Is it possible to simply eliminate sprint and alter the base speed? Who knows. I’d love a day of the beta where there is a playlist to test with sprint abolished. But…

If we are forced to keep sprint in some fashion, what about making it so the player can always shoot? Whether that means allowing all weapons to be fired or limiting it to specific ones much like when holding the flag allowed for pistol shooting. This mechanism can be up for debate. But one thing is clear, we need to be able to shoot at all times.

Guns-down sprinting is not original. Its not evolving whatsoever. Its just a ripped off gimmick. If 343 truly wants “innovation” and is going to stuff sprint down our mouths then why not figure out a way for us to be able to shoot at all times.

Shooting while sprinting will at least keep the core gameplay that differentiated Halo in the past more in tact. Halo’s core gameplay always had respect in competitive circles, regardless if someone liked it or not. A game like Counter-Strike hasn’t homogenized itself to the gluttony of modern-day FPS games and it has allowed the series to keep a strong foundation. Communities like that don’t need a game every year to stay entertained because the core gameplay is unique enough to last. Carving out a niche is better than homogenization.

To the people who defend the game exactly as it is, please hear me out. Think about the longevity of the community as a whole. We don’t want a game so homogenized that casuals will just forget about it a month later because a game that plays similar is being released the following month. We want a game with character and strength in its foundation. If we need to keep sprint, then lets figure out a way to use it with innovation instead of the imitation style guns-down sprinting.

Dude post this on an already thread about sprint. All you’re doing is cluttering the forum with trash

None of that is the issue with sprint, people just dont like it simple

D TheLastKing, I wish it were so simple. If it was solely my decision then I would figure out a way to eliminate it and then alter the speed of player movement in different ways. But there are plenty of people that defend sprint saying that its “modern”. And some may even claim that abolishing it is impossible since its so rooted in Halo 5 gameplay. So I am trying to start a discussion of ways we can improve and alter it before release day if we are forced to keep some kind of sprint mechanism.

Here is a solution, OP.

Don’t Sprint and you can shoot all the time!

It’s like saying, “you have to use Thrust every time it cools down and it ruins the game…”

Sprint brings this to the game of opportunity - further thrust*, farther jump, dash charge, moving to team mates quicker, moving to power weapons quicker. Moving to advantage points quicker. (all strategic moves)

I repeat, you don’t need to sprint all the time, because it’ll get you killed. This brings up a memory where i popped a guys shield, he ran around the corner… around the map… and thought he was safe only to do a full circle and catch my br headshot kill. (Yes, I followed and predicted his trajectory)

Heck i don’t even sprint all the time, only to catch up to my buddies or to a power point in the map. Heck i crouch a lot of times because of the motion tracker.
Easy to play, hard to master. I’m still learning a lot and loving every single second of Halo 5 beta! (did you know you can use a plasma grenade to move a weapon from it’s location, i didn’t either!)

Oh yes, then we can have guys with shotguns rush up to anything

The Shatinator, I understand your concern but that is why its possible to design in a different way. It doesn’t have to be so simple and I even mentioned that in the post. The problem with sprint isn’t that sprint is in the game. Its that its been introduced in a copy/paste simple stupid manner. In this post I just hope to have some discussion about how we can improve the sprint mechanism. There are ways to alter player movement speed without guns-down sprinting. Hopefully we can figure out how that is possible.

Isn’t being able to sprint and shoot at the same time the equivalent of no sprint at all?..

You know, like Halo 1, 2, 3. Being able to shoot all the time, the only difference I see is the varying of movement speeds.

In some way yes and in some ways no. It would be equivalent to Halo 1-3 if that was the base movement speed. But what sprint essentially does it allow the player to move at an exaggerated speed, much like a person can crouch and basically move at a crawling speed. I am just trying to figure out if there is a way to design the sprinting mechanism so it stays true to the core gameplay that Halo has always provided, while also adding “innovation” for those looking for something different. If we are forced to keep the “sprint” mechanism, which allows for a player to move at top speed, then how can it be designed without being guns-down running like every other clone of a FPS out there on consoles.

A small part to CO5MIC’s solution is when sprinting only the redicle disappears off screen allowing you to shoot but having a set back to it.

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> A small part to CO5MIC’s solution is when sprinting only the redicle disappears off screen allowing you to shoot but having a set back to it.

Simple if they just make it (gasp) like CoD AW’s gung-ho perk. You sprint with your gun up and can hip fire in sprint with decreased accuracy (when compared to ADS).

It would be better than what we have now.

Scythixx, that might be a possibility as well to balance it a bit. I didn’t actually say that in my original message but its an idea to throw out there to see what might be possible or functional.

The issue is that Halo’s core gameplay has always been different than most other modern day shooters. The gunplay is mainly focused on steady shots and consistency rather than simple twitch aiming. Of course there are outliers on both ends of the weapons spectrum meaning rocket launcher to sniper. So simply throwing in the sprint mechanism in a fashion that is just a copy/paste from other trendy FPS games really alters gameplay to the point of breaking the core foundation of what Halo is built on. Other trendy FPS games out there don’t have gunplay similar to Halo…

Sprint is a mechanism for the player to achieve top-end speed with a click of the button. So this post on here just hopes to figure out if there are any other ways to have a mechanism for increased player speed without altering the core gameplay. Guns-down sprinting in Halo 5 really alters the core of how Halo plays due to the way the rest of the game is designed. There are other ways to do this. It just requires innovation and not imitation.

My concern is that Halo 5 is late in its development cycle. So I don’t know what is or what is not possible. But if we are forced to keep the sprint mechanism closely related to the way it is, then hopefully we can figure out a way to alter it within whatever means are possible.

Are there any other ideas that 343 may be able to utilize that will allow the player to temporarily increase movement speed (sprint) without being the guns-down running mechanism? We need to stay loud and active so 343 understands this isn’t just a gripe. Its game-breaking. Granted 343 did their best to try and adapt and adjust the sprint mechanism from other shooters, but it just isn’t enough.

I often find myself walking around everywhere and only sprinting to where my teammates are to be ready to help them out. Seriously though, if you don’t like how your gun lowers when you sprint, you don’t have to sprint. In fact, it’s pretty fun when an enemy sprints in front of you and you get a shot or 2 off on them before they have a chance to raise their gun again.

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> None of that is the issue with sprint, people just dont like it simple

You’re so wrong, you just don’t read anything obviously. Just about everyone who doesn’t like sprint doesn’t like it because of how easy it becomes to get away from a battle. It is only a problem because you have to put your weapon down which is exactly what OP is talking about.

Stop being ignorant.

OT: If we’re going to allow players to shoot while sprinting, why not just take it out and make it so we are ALWAYS sprinting? Shooting and sprinting will raise the skill gap more than no sprint or current sprint. I can’t see 343 doing that.

Sprinting and shooting actually isn’t a bad idea. It could work i guess.