Shodredux's Commentary Video Corner

Hey Everyone! My Alias is Shodredux. I enjoy making informative game-play commentaries and have decided to start making some for Halo 4. Instead of making a new thread each time, I decided to put them all in one organized place. The reason for these commentaries is so people can watch, enjoy, and possibly learn from my videos. Most of these videos (unless otherwise stated) will be done on matchmaking, teaching people how to be successful at playing Halo 4 multiplayer. I’m also a friendly person and extremely willing to play with other people in matchmaking or customs as well.

With that being said, I hope you guys enjoy this thread as it grows in the future. Thank you for reading and stopping bye. :3

Capture The Flag
Abandon - Infinity CTF

Daybreak - SWAT

Team Doubles
Haven - Doubles Pro (Dual Perfections)

Big Team
Longbow - Big Team Infinity Slayer<mark>NEWEST</mark>

Halo 4 - Extraterrestrial

I enjoyed the tutorial video on capture the flag! That montage video of your amazing frags is the video that sets you apart from everyone else. If halo was going to make a commercial they should use that video. it would make anyone who hasn’t played halo 4 go out and buy the game! Thanks for your contributions to the halo community and I look forward to more videos in the future. Welcome to the Halo family.

[Update 04/11/13] Added SWAT on Daybreak

[Updated 04/12/13] Added Haven on Doubles Pro (Dual Perfection)

[Updated 04/16/13] Added Halo 4 Extraterrestrial montage

[Updated 04/30/13] Added video Big Team Infinity Slayer on Longbow