Shock shouldn't disable vehicles

That should solely be for the plasma pistol. Shock should be used for crowd control, chaining to other spartans that stick together. Sandbox is much more oppressive to vehicles because of grappling hook alone


uh no, this is a bad take.


Have fun hitting the wasp and banshee with that atrocious tracking capability from the plasma pistol.

how is it a bad take…
Plasma pistol did this originally for like, every other halo
and shock weapons already somewhat chain

sniper/team shot, or spartan lazer when they eventually bring it back. not hard

not the point. Disabling a vehicle opens it up to be hijacked. Unless they tighten the tracking on the plasma pistol, im not gonna complain about functioning EMPs

still don’t understand; you have grapple hook and so many other ways of messing with vehicles. Shock is just way too oppressive for vehicle sandbox and plasma pistol needs to fufill that niche

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Doing so would make shock weapons less function, and some even undered powered if we removed the feature.

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Well the EMP on my PP does not work here so shock will have to do.

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I mean it doesnt need to do anything. 343 seems to agree cuz it hardly fulfills the noob combo niche anymore. They could just choose to make it a viable sidearm weapon with either decent damage or decent ammo. That way it could be used in and of itself and not just thought of as a throw away weapon.

Except in this halo the plasma pistol is broken. it’s very buggy and desync makes it worse. Only good use for it is emp on an over shield player