Shock rifle kill didnt count

I got a kill with a shock rifle, but it didnt count towards my challenge. Very frustrating because the shock rifle is an uncommon weapon

My challenges haven’t been tracking properly either. Maybe something else broke over at HQ.

This is just very frustrating because the game credits you kills for certain weapons during the match but then it wont count towards the challenges. I wish there was a transparent way to understand how kills are counted and how they link up with challenge progress

Restart game, never use quick resume.

My theory is that you have to do 100% of the damage for that kill. If a teammate even does the slightest of damage to that enemy before you kill him/her, then it doesn’t count for the challenge.

That makes it realy annoying, because often a teammate does damage the player you are killing.

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Yeah i think this is it. I wish we could get official feedback on that tho