Shipwreck Map Haven V2 (Completely Revamped)

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“Incredible. A good array of weapons there, and i like the way you’ve made it playable with several different gametypes. But let’s not pretend that that’s the best thing about this map. The concept behind this map and the way it was pulled off is unbelievable. Congratulations on this kick–Yoink- map!” - Mr Wunderbar (Forum Leader - Forever Forgers)

“Haven II is a totally revamped version from the first version and by god it’s different i heard of people changing bits of the middle but not seen a person move the main feature of one map and built an entirely new map (which is a lot better than the first version)… I LOVE this map and wish we had it for Games Night it would of been a blast… Can’t wait to get a game on this map it’s so well done [and] it is very hard to impress me.” - Lathers800 (Heroic Reviewer - The Forging Assembly)

This Shipwreck has become the Haven of a madman… “Did you bring any apples?” 8-16 Players

When I was considering what my next map would be, I knew I wanted to build something surreal. It is a visual style that is very interesting to me.

The first thing I realized is that to make the map work, I needed some sort of structure in the water. At first I came to the obvious choice, which is a ship. But then i realized that I had seen so many ship maps floating around it just wasn’t interesting to me anymore. (Pun Intended) Then I had a great original idea, “What about a capsized boat?”

Having a capsized boat in the map made the map look very interesting, but it allowed a very interesting thing to happen on the inside. Rather than build the inside like any normal structure, I designed the interior to be vertical, as if the ships normal structure remained even though it had been turned on the side. Then I layered ramps so that the player could navigate the map, using the added navigation to look as though it had been added after the shipwreck.

The original version proved to be a great infection map, but I wanted to build a map around the shipwreck design that worked well with all major gametypes. So I began the most intensive reworking of a map I have ever done. The only thing that survived from the original version was the ship itself.

The map now supports all major gametypes as well as having a great layout with more detail than I have ever put in a map. The shipwreck serves as the red teams base and the study on the opposite side of the map is the blue base. The study contains a desk, table, couch, and fireplace. The fireplace double as a man cannon that lifts the player up to the roof. Between the two bases there are three buildings. The building closest to the ship contains the Energy Sword. On the right side of the map there are two structures. The ‘Hut’ serves as a hub leading out to the different levels and structures as well as leading to the other building that has the shotgun.

4 Assault Rifles
4 Dmrs
1 Grenade launcher
4 Magnums
1 Shotgun
1 Sniper Rifle
9 Frag Grenades
1 Concussion Rifle
1 Energy Sword
2 Needle Rifles
2 Needlers
2 Plasma Pistols
2 Plasma Repeaters
9 Plasma Grenades

I will give it a try later on.

The map is very aesthetically pleasing and looks good for game play. The map looks sweet, the only problems I have with it is it looks like jet pack has a major advantage on this map for normal slayer. That problem can be fixed by taking off jet pack or jet pack slayer/other gametype. The other issue for me was that the ship base had only one exit/entrance. I can see you put good cover in the walkway though so it seems that red team can get out if they are suppressed. None the less it is a very nice map, I’ll play it with friends later to see how the game play is on a regular match.

Thanks! I actually just completed the 3rd and final version. I made the interior of the ship easier to navigate fixed some soft kill zones etc… Be sure to play this version. I also uploaded a gameplay video.

Version 3:

Gameplay Video: