Ships that are rated for atmosphere

Mostly on the Bungie Universe forums people are arguing what ships are operable for atmosphere transition and travel. So I am going to make a list of what I know, if anyone would like to contribute please, help.

Halcyon ?
I have not seen in any video or book that describes or shows a Destroyer in space, though I would imagine they would as they are the heavier cousin of the Frigate. Though the Halcyon is a big problem as the ship has been described in Halo:The Flood to not be rated for atmosphere. (Help please Frank!!)

assault carrier
super carrier

The Destroyer is shown in space in Midnight In The Heart Of Midlothian. It’s also in the FoR: Bootcamp comic if I’m not mistaken.


You also see the Covie cruisers in-atmosphere quite often. The Covie Destroyers are also seen in what would be assumed as “in-atmosphere” during the battle in the Dyson Sphere in Halo Wars.

Hope some of this helps :slight_smile:


We’ve seen a UNSC Destroyer before. The Motion Comic “Midnight in the Heart of Midlothian” shows a UNSC Destroyer which of course was named The Heart of Midlothian. Of course they’ve never been shown on a Planet, just in Space.

The Halcyon Class is not rated for Atmosphere, however she is capable of landing on the surface of a Planet as seen in Halo: Combat Evolved. Had she crashed on Halo she would have been destroyed yet we see her in one piece which means she can indeed land. Captain Keyes himself says he will “Land the Autumn on the Ring”. We also see in Halo Reach that in order to take off from the surface she requires assistance from Boosters.

As far as I know, all Covenant ships are rated for atmosphere, and UNSC Frigates definitely are. The Pillar of Autumn at the end up Reach I think was an emergency since it needs huge thrusters to assist it taking off, so I wouldn’t consider it atmosphere rated. Destroyers may be, but other than that I don’t think most UNSC ships are.