Shipment 2552

So this has most likely been done a million times but every new Halo release with a forge mode I recreate the Shipment map from COD4. It was my favorite map back in the day and I think it fits well with the fast pace nature of Halo - as well as the ability to play 4 player split screen. Anyways, I recreated it for Halo Master Chief collection and added a little Halo spin to it. Hope you guys like it!

GT: pulseMOD if you want to grab it off my file share. It currently doesn’t work with any objective game modes. May add those later.

EDIT: Apparently the video that gets uploaded to OneDrive is the worst quality ever, sorry about that. Here’s the direct link to the video on my Xbox Live profile.

Hey nice map man! Really like the use of the one way shields on the outer perimeter and the scenery looks great, really captures the feel of the original COD map.

Would love to showcase this map on my Youtube channel if you would allow it, please let me know.