Shipmaster Teleportation Bug

So i was playing strongholds against shipmaster and the game was going well, I had just built my tank army and was ready to go get some bases. But, right as i decided to roll out a single banshee flew in and shipmaster teleported 2/3rds of my units. I thought “oh just a minor inconvenience” but then to my horror i realized those 2/3rd of my units were gone. I hit down on the dpad to find them and it sent me to the edge of the map. 9 of my scorpions were teleported outside of the map and were lost, so overall I lost 63 of my population and I could not get it back because i had units built that were unusable and just gone, that was a fun game.

Other players are reporting similar circumstances. I have no doubt that it will be address soon. It’s a pity you cant see if the players did it unknowns to themselves or did it maliciously. I cant stand people who exploit glitches to get an upper hand in multiplayer.

Wow. I really don’t know what to think about this.

The patch comes out, and I get excited to play again.

But then I wake up this morning to see multiple threads about NEW gamebreaking bugs.