Shields should recharge faster

'nough said. What’s the point of winning a 1v1 engagement if you get cleaned up by some rando 10/10 times while waiting for your shields to come back online?


It’s fine as it is, it plays like classic Halo.


Agreed. I feel like they are perfectly fine. People complaining don’t rotate after getting a kill and therefore position themselves for conflict.

Sometimes I get a feeling that is so hard to handle an encounter against 2 enemies in other Halo title you can win with a nade and a BR here you get slaughtered with just an AR whatever you do I don’t know if it’s a TTK problem or the shield time charge.

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Personally I disagree, they charge back fast enough as it is already. If your shield pops you’ve got to go get some cover and find somewhere safe to lay low for a couple seconds. As it is I think they might even recharge too fast allowing people to sprint away and heal before you can finish them, obviously there are better solutions to this such as reducing sprint to it’s flight speed or denying you a recharge whilst sprinting.

Nah, I like sprint as is.

Should I just git gud if shields aren’t a problem?

Maybe they should increase the radar distance as a possible workaround. I never know where I’m getting tagged from.

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A part of the problem with not knowing where you’re getting hit from is that surround sound is busted. You cannot hear anything that is directly behind you with many headsets.

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Another thing. The AR is just too good. What’s the point of anything else in the sandbox?

I’m finding I’m having analysis paralysis where I find I can’t make ANY decision upon spawn, because every decision leads to a quick and unexpected death. Like I can’t even get my bearings before being teamed up on. It’s encouraging camping and discouraging mobility.

Charge time feels similar to other Halo games, fine the way it is.

I strongly disagree regarding camping, to me Infinite feels like the Halo that most encourages and rewards competitive play. I do think the ar needs a little tweaking though as weapons such as the Bulldog or Heatwave struggle against it in their niche. Overall I don’t really mind a single weapon being the meta as most other Halos are the same. Some maps like Bazzar also play a LOT better with ar starts than br starts. I’m quit happy with ranked being br and casual being ar as it currently is.

As for why I think the ar is so powerful? Noobs. It’s easier for noobs to use so 343 made it strong to protect them.

Hm yeah good points. I suppose I’m mainly referring to BTB. It seems… too big? Can Halo scale to 24 players? I guess, but it seems to me like they needed then to build the entire sandbox around that many players which has knock on effects on the rest of gameplay.

I fully acknowledge most of this could just be a get good situation on my part. Still, I’ve been playing Halo for 20 years. Def Halo for a new generation.

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I kinda get what you mean but honestly I prefer needing to pick up a new gun for long range. I used a br in BTB earlier and it gave me serious Blood Gulch H2 flashbacks. If it was br starts I’m pretty sure that all three (seriously? Only three) BTB maps would turn into whackamole. I don’t really think that BTB even feels all that big, I completely forgot it was 24v4 until you mentioned it lol. To me maps like Rats Nest and Avalanche in H3 feel larger, both in size and playercount. The former is surely because Infinite has plenty of fast vehicles on pretty short spawn timer. Infinite’s BTB feels a bit like Heavies now I think about it.

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Yeah 343i has always struggled with BTB. They seem to be afraid to open maps up. All 343i BTB maps feel to me like a collection of smaller arena maps.

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I think you’ve just hit the nail on the head.

100% agree. The shield takes ages to recharge. It’s painful to wait for it.

I get there’s some trade off between recharge, sprinting with recharge ability, match speed, but it seems like a half second shorter could make all the difference.

With the advent of no radar in ranked, there is now zero penalty for sprinting, so you’ll undoubtedly get jumped by a rouge COD player in mjolnir armor with your pants down.

Not sure I’m convinced. Infinite feels like one of the slowest Halos to date. So many campers. There’s no radar to flush someone out when they make a mistake. They can stand, or even sprint, in a small area unnoticed.

you can’t shoot or use grenades and you are much louder.

That’s called getting outplayed. You can’t just sit still anymore.

I don’t know what world you’re living in where radar is an anti-camping tool. Radar encourages a slower paced, defensive style.

Radar absolutely stops camping, come on man, don’t play dumb for the interest points.

Ex: someone’s in a corner or wherever you want, they accidently move or fire, or you toss something into the room, or they see someone run by and think to act - boom, pinged on the radar.

Just because you don’t use radar, doesn’t mean others haven’t used it as a hunting tool in previous games.

I get that it’s tough for people to understand the importance of radar when all you want to do is sprint around, bunny hop, and twerk bounce.

Lulz, outplayed. Ah yes, when you have a sliver of health left and a 3rd party throws a rock to kill you. How 1337 of them, they must be sponsored. Much wow.

Also, you never could shoot or throw a grenade sprinting, so your point makes no sense.