Shields need a faster recharge rate or a slightly shorter recharge frame

The shields feel slow to recharge compared to the pace of the game

The problem becomes most prevalent when fighting multiple enemies at once, the shields simply do not recharge fast enough to make engaging more than two enemies worthwhile

This makes people just start booking it to the other side of the map so that their shields have time to recharge

The shields are almost there, just a slight tweak to the recharge rate or recharge timer would benefit the game a lot


I think the time before it starts recharging needs to be shortened and to compensate they should reduce the amount of health players have slightly. Wouldn’t be as big of a problem if grenades weren’t so spammy. I either hide behind a wall waiting for the grenade volley to end or just leave and go somewhere else cause I’m wasting my time.

Seem fine to me. I have no issues with the shield recharge speed.

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I strongly disagree with the health being lowered

The TTK and damage in this game is superb, the SHIELDS just need a little tweak

Theres no need to offset that with lowering TTK because TTK isnt the issue, the shield recharge rate is

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Well its a good thing you’re not the only one playing

I personally feel that people get away too often with a sliver of health. Plus, you gotta do something to balance faster shield recharge time.

That sliver of health is fine as is, again, the TTK is independent from the the shield recharge rate

Tweaking the shields slightly does not mean they have to reduce the TTK, otherwise tweaking the shield is useless and would put us right back where we started

Shields and health are two very different things friend

The sliver of health is either red-barring which is balanced or a 1v1 where one player is up shots on the other which is balanced.

If they gave another sliver of health then there’d still be a sliver of health in both of those circumstances just a different, later sliver of health.

Don’t give them ideas of changing something that doesn’t need fixing, starting the balancing circle again. There’s plenty of things that actually need fixing.

The shield regen does need to be shortened, yes. Not by a whole lot, it’s pretty close to ideal, but I think knocking a second and a half off would do it.

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Ya, because I love having to take the enemy shield out twice before killing them! /s

Halo has always been difficult to take on a two on one. You’re supposed to retreat after an engagement, not keep running around looking for another kill unless you got a power weapon you can get away with.

Shield recharge times are fine. Stick with your team and stop lone wolfing it.

You can do that in Custom Games! So why can’t 343i do it?

I wouldnt mind seeing tests done on a shorter recharge rate. Admittedly, I sometimes re-engage opponents faster than I should after the recharge starts. Its a really bad habit…

Then don’t? When was it ever a smart idea to 1v2 in Halo? Maybe in CoD it can work no problem.

This is really due to the amount of cover on maps moreso than anything else I feel. Like I could blame sprint but realistically, its so easy to flee behind cover in this game that I don’t think it would’ve mattered.

Shield recharge time is ok. It shouldnt be that easy to escape, becuse the shield recharches in no time.