Shield World(Requiem) and Halo

Now before I begin, I would just like everyone know I havent read any of the books and do not know much about Shield worlds.

When I first played Halo CE and I was already amazed by everyhing whether it was the main menu to coming out of cryostasis. But the thing that really just made my jaw drop was seeing the Halo ring for the first time.

Now with Halo 4 on the horizon, we will get to explore the world of the Shield World and I am hoping to get that same feeling of when I first saw the Halo ring when I see the shield world.

Anyone agree?

i thought this would be a diagnosis of the possibilities of what was on the shield world ):

sorry :frowning: I didnt mean to get you’re hopes up. But we could talk about what the shield world might possibly look like

Obiviously we know underneath the shield world is the planet Reqiuem.