Shield Recharge Wait

The time I have to wait to get my shields back is to long the wait time has to be changed. Now that people can respawn faster it makes sents to make the sheilds come back faster so you dont get one shoted by the guy you just kill. What do you guys think?

I think it’s fine. I wouldn’t want my opponent to get a fast recharge just because I want one. The situation when someone drops your shields, then you kill them and they respawn next to you and kill you is going to be pretty insignificant in the overall hours the average person plays the game.

Agreed. Instant spawn works in CoD because killtimes are fast, and you recover near instantly. Halo already has fast-ish killtimes, now all we need is faster shield recharge delay. I believe 343 kept it the same as Reach to give the Regen Field use.

Spawn delay needs to be at least as long as it takes for shields to recharge and respawn points need addressing.

Energy shield time is fine. Does anyone even look at load out options before they -Yoink-?

My active cammo doesnt recharge fast enough. What can i do? Hmm… This puzzle is far too complex for me to solve on my own 343 fix this problem for me.

Agreed. Fast killtimes + Instaspawn make the excessively long shield recharge time very detrimental to gameplay. Players are forced to take a time out for way too long.

Yeah seriously, with the shield recharge time the way it is and with instant respawning. If I die I’m able to get back into the fight FASTER than the guy who just killed me. It’s thing like this that just make you think… What the heck was 343 thinking?