Shield recharge rate too slow?

Is it just me or does it seem like the shields in halo 4 take forever to start recharging?

Especially with the faster gameplay, it just takes too long for a shield to recharge. The vast majority of the time if someone isn’t killed outright then they escape and live, so a faster shield recharge may not affect the game too much.

Also does the shielding perk reduce the ammount of time before your shield recharges or does it increase the actual rte of charging? because even with the perk the shields still take painfully long to come back

It helps to have at least one person run with the Regen Field. It causes shields to instantly start charging for anyone who walks in it for even a second.

It definitely seems to take an extra second or so to recharge compared to previous games. Not that I’ve done any research to back up what I’m saying or anything, just something I’ve noticed.

I was surprised when I started to play Halo 4 and noticed the slow shield recharge. I thought with the increased pace of the game, shields would also become quicker to recharge. I hope they can patch this and allow shields to start recharge a second quicker.

I use that perk that speeds up your regen.

I agree, especially playing in Campaign, and Spartan Ops.

> I use that perk that speeds up your regen.

That does nothing to improve the delay before it starts charging. Both the delay and the recharge time have been lengthened, probably as an excuse to force that particular AA down our proverbial throats.

Why we couldn’t just have the original recharge speed/delay and Reach’s Dropshield is beyond me.