Shield & Outline Colour Separation

Honestly, all I would really like is to have the shields be the classic yellow that they have always been. I’m currently using yellow for friendlies and Red for enemies, and I’m fairly happy with it as my motion tracker and crosshair/reticle are set up the classic way. Personally, I don’t really think enemies need their own shield colour. The outlines, reticle colour changing, motion tracker etc all help with enemy identification. They only need different shields if they’re aliens with their own tech, haha!

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I despise MCC multiplayer and will never go back and play such junk any time soon. Matter of fact, one of the main reasons I hate MCC IS the Red vs Blue as in my situation being colorblind and all, red typically blends in with the walls behind the enemy on the older games with worse graphics so if I am on blue team its an automatic L for me. Thanks, but no thanks.

I was talking to general fox and not your post. My bad.

Then watch a team match in Halo 2 on youtube lol. You can see it there just as easily:

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