Shield & Outline Colour Separation

Can we have the colour of shields separated from the outline colour? I don’t think shields should use the same colour as the outlines, and while I would prefer having them be the classic yellow all the time, I don’t mind if they make shield colouring it’s own thing, as long as the specific colour it’s used in all the past games is added as an option.

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Personally I’d like two changes.

  1. Remove Enemy outlines entirely, only keep outlines on teammates and people on your fire team.
  2. Change the option of Enemy Outlines to Red Reticle color, which it already manages instead, which it already technically does ( Enemy Outline color also sets the color used for Red Reticle )

Enemies don’t need Outline, if you outline teammates, then you have enough of an idea on who’s on your team and who isn’t. That should be enough on it’s own.

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And what about when the enemy Spartan is the same colour as your team outlines? Unless they come up with some sort of system that can modify the colour of enemy coatings to avoid conflicts then I want the outlines to stay for both teams.


Outlines on teammates usually appear as if they’re lights. Don’t think any armors currently come close to looking as bright as the current ones do now. They’re a easy to tell the difference between currently.

Worse comes to worse, you could probably have a set up so the outlines fluctuate between two different colors to make it significantly easier to distinguish them.

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I don’t find it as easy to tell apart as you apparently but that’s okay.

What do you mean fluctuate between two colours? If you mean it’s alternating then that just doubles the number of colours that can be confused as a friendly.


Well, then for people like you who can’t tell distinguish any colors at all, they can use the old Halo 2 method of having emblems above their teammates heads like the good ol’ days. We’ll add that to the accessibility tab for handicapped individuals, for those who do actually suffer from being colored blind. They can even showcase when they’re talking like the old ways too.

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Seems a touch condescending considering the developer thought that the outlines were necessary, so it’s not just me.

Not to mention that Halo 2 was red vs blue.

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So you’re telling me if an enemy and a teammate stood next to one another, and you couldn’t tell the difference between them if the teammate had a big old emblem above their head and the enemy player did not?

If you say yes, I’m going to call you full of it lol.

Halo 2 having Red vs Blue is irrelevent BTW. Emblems above their heads would be way more then enough to tell the difference between a teammate and an enemy.

Do you understand that it’s not about what’s hard when they are standing or at range but whether it’s easy to tell apart when things are getting crazy. Different Spartans are flashing through your screen and you haven’t got time to see where a small symbol lines up with a Spartan?

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Sorry for liking the current system and the ease of identifying friends vs enemies. You can always tell you are on a winning argument when the other side responds with insults.

Also if it’s so easy with one set of outlines then ask for that to be an OPTION. Since it’s so effective you won’t be at a disadvantage to those that keep both sets of outlines on.


You know, you can just say “I prefer what we have now” instead of relying on excuses to push a view too right? When you think of an actual counter argument, then you can drop it instead. But what your doing now is just wasting people time.

Also, just making it an option would just have everyone keep it as it is since you’d now be playing at a disadvantage turning it off. That’s why I wouldn’t make it an option. The only way to counter act that is have people who play with it off only play others who also disable it for enemies to be fair, which means splitting the community.

Anywho, guess I’m done here till something of actual value is contributed to the conversation.

If I just said that I prefer the current system, you or someone else would have asked why.

You’ve just admitted that the current system would be an advantage over your proposed system, so in essence we agree on the effect it would have. You just think it would be worth the reduction in ease of identification for better aesthetics, which is a perfectly reasonable opinion. Your over the top reaction to me preferring easier identification, seems unnecessary.

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His argument is not dumb, but rather valid. And this is also an actual real life problem: most friendly fire deaths are because of things like this, even though the uniform might differ slightly and there is an actual symbol (mostly the countries flag) on the uniform.

If you have to act quickly, this kind of thing actually matter.

And on top of that: you would only get into situations where the colour of your armour would matter. If you have an colour that blends in more, you would definitely have an advantage. This was already a problem in H2 and H2A where you would blend in with the environment more if you were on the red (H2) or blue (H2A) team and people complained about it. This does matter and actually can make a difference. Even if you pay close attention you would still on average have a slight delay in recognition wich still can make the difference between winning the firefight or losing.

This is also part of why i don’t think 343 is gonna remove it, since it would hurt their income, since the shop relies on selling different armour colours, most of them don’t realy blend in with the environment.

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In my opinion the outlines should stay. I use the lime yellow and it makes enimies so easy to see once their sheilds are cracked and just in general. It helps me a lot and I don’t understand why you are against it. Just my opinion.

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Because making the opponents easy to see has been seen and established as a form of cheating in every other first person shooter out there. Glow packs have been a thing ever since Quake 1, because I’ve seen them first hand.

I still view it as a form of cheating even if it’s provided by the creators of the game themselves because I know they don’t need it to find your targets. I’ve been doing it for 25-30 years now. Hell, in Quake, you could change your top colors ( Shirt color ) freely to that of the enemies team, and it still was never a problem.

The emblem change that Halo 2 provided over teammates would fix any actual problems distinguishing teammates from enemies with not having highlights tell you were enemies are miles away from you. This is indisputable fact until someone can prove to me other wise. If you don’t believe me, play MCC Halo 2 and see for yourself, and no, team colors or not will not change a thing.

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Hello. Since you’re here, would you care to elaborate on what it is about my post that you disagree with?
I only suggested that the colour of energy shields should be separated from the outline setting which also affects the motion tracker, crosshair/reticle, kill feed colour, and even the scoreboard, flag, and team banners. It would be nice to colour energy shields independently of that big blanket, and seems to me like just a simple quality of life change.

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Can’t answer for DRad2011 but I actually don’t mind your suggestion. Not sure if it’s necessary to make the shield colour completely independent to the outlines but making it a little more obvious wouldn’t be a bad thing.

If you haven’t already, try experimenting with different colours for your enemies some of them seem better than others for easy of seeing their shield state. Otherwise you can reduce the thickness of o enemy outlines and that should help too but come at a small cost for quick ID of targets.

I definitely wouldn’t mind a separate option for shield color vs outline color. I’d much prefer we go back to Red vs Blue, but alas. Also got to say most people I’ve run across are blind as -Yoink!- and so I am against any “remove enemy outline” suggestions. I feel like it has gotten so much worse since season 3, it is actually unreal.


It messed up Halo infection games two. I love to have Red vs Blue back.

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