Shield Break and One Shot

In Halo Infinite I can’t see the shield status of enemy Spartans very well.
In the previous chapters the color of the shields was brighter, and their level was well distinguished;
Now I don’t understand how much Shield life the opponent has; can you fix it?

Community What do you think about this?


I find that it’s difficult to tell if someone’s shields are almost broken and one shot or if they’re healing. It can make it difficult to know who to prioritize


I’m having the same issue barely can see when the opponent shield “breaks” so I can’t decide very well what to do in case I win the encounter it’s kinda annoying.

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Change enemy colors to yellow.

The shields have a clear glow, spark and pop progression. So long as you can see the color. Pick something extremely bright for enemies, and let allies be whatever you want.

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I Would see well Enemie Shield with any Colors. The Developers should change the color of the shields or its brilliance

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Try changing the color of your enemy the shielding system in this game seems very noticeable

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I Don’t want to change enemie colors. I want see shielding system with red like Halo 2, 3, Reach, 4 and 5 ahaha. Only on Halo Infinite is difficult to see Life Shield

What? The shield glow is insanely bright. How are you having a hard time seeing the shield status?


Look the Shield colors of Halo 3, 4, Reach and 5

the only problems with the shield is that it sparks before the shield pops and enemy shield slowing red when shot.


how about dont change what doesnt need to be changed?

The red outline needs to go.


I think that has more to do with the games garbage server tick rate and how it handles damage client side.

You are correct. If it’s not broke don’t fix it, as they say.

I’m much more concerned about the fact that you can chest shot a broken/one shot player with 3 bursts and they don’t die if you don’t get that headshot. Extremely frustrating.


This is Halo man. From first chapter only HeadShot for Kill

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I think it’s fine but maybe the colors are not as easy to perceivr for some. I also play on huge TV in 4K which might be the difference. The shields turn bright and crackle a little when they are almost popped, and when the shields are popped, it’s all crackle.

You can try changing the enemy player color in the settings. By default, it’s always red.

They had to change the way it looks since they made the choice to allow customized armor colors in team games, which is probably because of their F2P model.

Since it’s still useful to also be able to see your teammates’ shield status, they could NOT have everyone having the same gold shield effect like previous games. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to tell your teammates apart from the opponents. They had to use this new colored system.

I definitely agree. They need to allow us to set separate enemy and shield colours. I want my enemies to be outlined red, but their shields to be yellow.

Currently I have enemies on yellow, and there have been many times that I have misred someones shield strength because of the yellow outline surrounding them. It’s very frustrating, but it’s not as bad as when I had them on red.

The shields in other Halo’s glowed when they were low? I always thought they looked the same until they got the super saiyan 2 sparks when they were drained.

Agreed it is harder to tell still. I do like that they made it more obvious when a shield is broken but it is still relatively hard to tell how much damage theirs shields have taken before breaking compared to past titles.

Maybe I’m just blind but I played some Reach yesterday and had a harder time reading my opponents.

The shields in this game are pretty visible IMHO. I can usually spot when someone’s low or not.