Sharing is Caring (Xbox Preview Invites)

I know there is already a topic on this but it’s got so many pages it’s gotten hard to handle.

Alright, let’s make this thread a serious place for Preview Program Invites.

The Rules:

Only people who actually have access to the Preview Program and are willing to invite people shoot a comment down below how many people you’re willing to help (five or ten or even thirty if there’s no limit by Microsoft I mean)

Then the people who want the invite can send a direct message with their gamer tag.

Once you’ve helped as many people you want, go ahead and delete your comment saying youre offering invites.

So to reiterate, you should NOT comment at all if you only want an invite. Only Preview Members should comment when they’re willing to help people get into the program.

I hope we can all work together to help each other out. Remember to not be greedy and wait your turn.

Invites to to the program can take up to 48hrs so have patience.

Go Xbox!

There’s a thread for this already.