Share your worst spawn story

The worst I got so far is spawning in front of speeding vehicles. After talking to teammates, it seems that there is way worsts ways of spawning.

Share your horror story here!

Man, your going to LOVE this one

You spawn and you instantly collapse and die. And spawn killing.

not many that come to mind, but most recently in Slayer, I spawned right before a plasma grenade exploded.
must have been a hail mary for the other guy. :confused:

I’ve given a couple people a snipeltaneous because I’ve spawned in front of the person they were shooting at those were cool…

I spawned with the Answer in Warzone, a level 6 REQ. It spawned me right in front of the enemy base, with someone to the right and a couple in front. I was sniped instantly, and they took my friggin gun! Then used it against my team, it’s a powerful weapon. That spawn sucked.

Playing team snipers, I got shot in the head respawned on the spot where I died and was killed again, and respawned again in the exact same spot and was killed again.

When I threw a Splinter Grenade, only for him to be killed right before it detonates. Right after that my sister spawns right in the freaking center of my grenade. Perfect betrayal

Spawned in the middle of a firefight.

Instantly sniped.

I spawned in the middle of the ocean on that tropical Warzone map, facing the ocean, and the other side of the map from the Core, which we were attacking. I timed it, took me 31 seconds to get into a position to look into the Core driveways.

Great job on that random spawn point, 343i.

Well the other night I spawned inside a rock hahaha

I have a forge spawn story, pic is right here. I have no idea what I did but for some reason the map just doesn’t want to work in forge. works okay in customs…even tough it’s in an unfinished state and it needs refinement. I wish to call support out on this but I feel they wouldn’t even respond…

Wait for it… Yup, you’re watching it happen… SPLAT!





Beats anything. Not my video but I did used to do this back in the Reach days [:

> 2533274871287792;15:
> [Halo Reach] Sanctuary Spawn Manipulation Examples - YouTube
> Beats anything. Not my video but I did used to do this back in the Reach days [:

Maybe that’s why the spawn points got randomized so much. Would be infuriating to be on the business end of that sniper rifle.

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In march on stormbreak, me and another guy spawned in the place the vehicles come out of when they spawn. Then we jumped down a hole and fell for a really long time, then died, and respawned normally

I spawned directly in a scorpion shot explosion, insta-death. Really makes me appreciate the xbox record function :slight_smile:

I spawned in between two members of the enemy team who them attacked me simultaneously as soon as I appeared on their radars. Happens every day.

I spawned OUTSIDE the map on The Rig. Not sure HOW…