Share your character recreation armor combos here!

So, you decide you want to go for a classic Spartan look in your next match of, say, FFA. You go to the customization menu, pick out that brand new MK V Alpha you just got in a gold pack, and are immediately displeased. “What the -Yoink- is this -Yoink-!?” you exclaim at the top of your lungs, sending the cat scampering into the other room. “This looks nothing like the good ol’ days!” We’ve all been in this situation. You’re going for a classic look, yet you can’t because it just looks wrong. Well, fear it no more. Let’s get started!

  • MJOLNIR MK V (aka Halo 1 Spartan) - Yeah, MK V Alpha admittedly looks like garbage. The helmet is just fine, but the armor, it’s just bad. If you want to really look like a Halo veteran, you can equip the Noble armor (or any preferred variant) with the MK V Alpha or MK IV helmet for that classic feel. The Intruder armor also works, but it’s more reminiscent of the Reach version of MK V, and frankly, looks a bit bland. Add the Dynasty visor or anything gold for extra nostalgia. - ODST (Halo 2 version) - Nightfall armor/helmet, one of the silver visors, and you’re good. - Marine (just for keks) - Nightfall armor, recruit helmet, blue/silver gradient visor.Anything you want to add? Go right ahead! This is a forum, after all. Devs, mods, admins, and ,of course, players are encouraged to weigh in.

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> Yeah, MK V Alpha admittedly looks like garbage. The helmet is just fine, but the armor, it’s just bad.

Are you sure about that? I think the armor is ok but I have some issues with the helmet.

Anyway, I’ll share something. I found out a pretty good way to look like Samus:
Dynast helmet and Tracer armor colored sienna/grass with an Ecto visor (or any green visor, really)

Mark VI Armor
Mark VI (Regent) Helmet
Saturnine Visor

Classic Halo 2/3 Mark VI Spartan
Mark VI (GEN 1) just doesn’t cut it.

I have Noble Valor armour , Viper Stike helmet, and Wild Hunt visor colour. I really want the Hellcat set, it looks so awesome

Helmet: Mark 6 CQB variant
Armor: mark 6 CQB variant

Oh wait, we didn’t get this in halo 5…
Even though people asked for it months before launch.

Mark 4 helmet and 5 alpha body.- Ce chief
Mark 4 helmet and decimator -lady chief

Nightfall black/milk chocolate, in firefight to respect the original firefight.

For some reason I’m liking
Stinger helmet and freebooter armor not sure why.